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So! We're wondering... what characters of yours are able to hack and how well (on a scale of easy, medium, and hard)?

Also, are you okay with your character's entries being hacked (like, in the way of someone suddenly showing up in a privated post)? Are there any characters in particular that you would prefer not be hacked? On that same level, are there any characters you're fairly sure are good enough with technology to build up a good lock?

Responding to this post isn't required, but we figure it might make a handy reference if you reply.

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» Hacking Skillz:
-Kairi: Kairi can private up to medium but hacking-wise? No.
-Hades: Hades can private and hack through hard. He likely hacks things when he's bored but doesn't generally care.
-Naja: Naja can private up to medium but only occasionally hack through easy.
-Rose: Rose privates to easy and doesn't hack.
-Shenzi: What is this hacking you speak of.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Hades: really is one that could likely only be hacked by another god, or equal powers that be.
-Kairi: yes.
-Naja: yes.
-Rose: yes.
-Shenzi: does not use a journal and if she did it wouldn't be privated.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: Again, Hades, but there are exceptions for him.
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» Hacking Skillz:
-Balthier: Privates somewhere between medium and hard and can hack through easy. Might poke his head into things out of curiosity, but will more likely keep out of things that don't concern him.
-Braska: Privates to easy and cannot hack.
-Kefka: Privates to medium and can hack through easy. Will probably abuse his hacking because he's Kefka.
-Mao: Privates to hard (very hard, technically) and can hack through hard. Probably one of the people who would hack through things for information/his own amusement.
-Marluxia: :3
-Vyers: Privates to medium and can only occasionally hack easy. Probably won't hack unless he's feeling particularly nosy about someone.
-Zetta: Privates to easy and cannot hack.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Balthier: yes
-Braska: yes
-Kefka: yes, though with some discretion. I want him to have SOME chance of manipulating people. XD
-Mao: yes, though don't expect it to be easy.
-Marluxia: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to say no for Marly.
-Vyers: Yes
-Zetta: HELL YES.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: Marluxia. Everyone else is pretty much fair game.
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» Hacking Skillz:
-Scar: Can probably only private up to "easy" until he learns more...though ones mentioning Mufasa are probably "medium." He can't hack yet, but he's sure to learn how eventually...maybe able to get into "easy" entries.
-Beast: None. Definitely none. XD He can private up to "easy," though just barely.
-Zuko: He can't read this language, so...private up to "easy," and no hacking.
-Roxas: ...Kind of a moot point right now, since Timon and Vyers have his journal. :P

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Scar: Sure, but I'd prefer if stuff with Timon or Simba only got hacked by like...Urd, or someone else way up there in hacking skills who cares about those two.
-Beast: yes
-Zuko: yes...though you'll piss him off
-Roxas: Again, moot point, but all those old locked entries are like...mega-secure (and any new ones when he's got his memory and journal back will be too), so if it happens at all it should be extremely rare.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?:
-Scar, but only when it's between him and Timon or Simba, with exceptions.
-Roxas, but there are exceptions for that.

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A bit of an update here for my two newer characters:

Pumbaa and Kovu can't hack, Kovu can private up to "easy."


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» Hacking Skillz:
-Sora: Privates to medium and cannot hack
-Naveen: Privates to easy and cannot hack
-Cloud: Privates to medium and can hack through easy, but would hardly ever do it.
-Hercules: Cannot lock posts yet, though once he learns he'll private to easy and he cannot hack

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Sora: Yes
-Naveen: Yes
-Cloud: Yes
-Hercules: Yes

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: Everyone is fair game. However, there may be certian times for any of my characters that I wouldn't want them to be, but I would likely mention it in the specific post. We'll see.

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Hacking skills:
-Raspberyl can private up to medium and perhaps hard if she bullies Mao to teach her how to do it. :3 She can probably hack up to medium too demon schooling, I tells yah... Odds are she won't private until she realize there are people out there she doesn't want listening in -- and hacking may be even more rare.

Are you okay with being hacked?
-I'm usually fine with hacking. Some with Mao might be "please keep out" material. This shouldn't be too often, though.

Are there characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?
-Uh... 8D;;
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Hacking Skillz:

Etna: Entries will probably be locked up to medium, I imagine can hack up to medium as well but wouldn't do so unless it involved someone close to her.
Alisa: Entries will be locked on easy and she can't hack for crap.

Are you okay being hacked?:

Blanket 'Yes' for now.
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» Hacking Skillz:
-Timon: Zero. He doesn't know the first thing about technology DX
-Genie: Yeeeaaah, Genie is pretty h4x0r. He could probably hack just about anything if he really wanted to but I have no intention of ever having him do so. If it ever comes up though I will contact the mun first. Privately locked threads are usually a hard hack.
-Hook: Private threads are marked up to a medium, he however has no hacking skill.
-Lumiere: Same as Timon.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Timon: Yes
-Genie: Yes
-Hook: Yes (Ask First)
-Lumiere: Yes

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?:
-Hook: Mostly because there's no fun in his stuff being hacked. But please feel free to ask me about it if you're ever thinking of doing some hacking. And don't let asking intimidate you! I'll almost always lean toward yes DX
-Genie: Depending on the content it will vary in hacking difficulty. I'll try to remember to label it for now on. Feel free to ask about it though if you're ever curious!

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>> Hacking Skillz:
• The Master: Damn, is he good. He can definitely hack hard, considering he can take the basest technology and turn it into something evil. I doubt he'll actually need to do hacking unless he's suspecting something from Team TARDIS.
• Iroh: I doubt he'll even have a reason to hack, regardless of his total inability to.

>> Are you okay being hacked?:
• The Master: Sure, but I think he'll be aware of when he is. Although he's a man of action
• Iroh: I doubt it'll necessary, as I don't see him making too many private posts. But even if he does, it'll be ridiculously easy.

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Orhime can barely even use the journal, let alone make things private or hack someone else's journal.

Hacking is irrelevant for her, for now.

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» Hacking Skillz:
-Urd: Being the system admin for Yggdrasil, the heavenly computer system that governs and maintains all reality, she's a l33t h4x0r when it comes to computers and such. There's very little she wouldn't be able to hack or keep private if she wanted to.
-Belle: Privates up to medium and can't hack.
-Lottie: Doesn't bother with privating and can't hack.
-Megara: Privates up to medium and can't hack.
-Flonne: Privates up to easy and can't hack.
-Ursula: Privates up to hard and can hack easier locked entries.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Urd: Only someone as powerful or as knowledgeable as she is about the system could hack her, i.e. Hades or Genie. But, yeah, if the character can swing it, go for it.
-Belle: Yes
-Lottie: If she ever bothered to private something, yes.
-Megara: Yes, but ask first...girl's got plot specific secrets.
-Flonne: Yes
-Ursula: Yes, but ask first.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: I'd like it to be a rare character that could hack through Urd's defenses. She's not invulnerable, but it needs to make sense when someone hacks her.

» Note: Urd has the personality and ability to just look at everyone's private entries with no warning or apology, but I don't play her as such, that'd be like the most literal example of godmodding right there. However, if you'd like to her get all up in your character's business for plot, let me know, because I'm ALWAYS up for Urd being nosy and meddlesome~

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» Hacking Skillz:
- Sheik can private to easy and cannot hack. But once she knows it's possible to do better, she will definitely want to learn.
- Osaka doesn't really private anything, and cannot hack.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
- Sheik: Probably talk to me first. If she does get hacked, I'd like for something interesting to come of it.
- Osaka: Go for it~

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» Hacking Skillz:
Xion can hack pretty high seeing as she somehow got into the C.O. information and her privating is up there too.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
I'm mostly ok with her being hacked, but there are probably somethings that I won't want to be public.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?:
On some cases, Xion- basically, just ask before hacking, please.

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» Hacking Skillz:
-Tiana: None as of yet.
-Sid: Ha. None.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Tiana: Sure.
-Sid: Yup.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: Not at the moment!
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Will edit as needed.

» Hacking Skillz:
Yuna - lol I'd say easy and maaaaybe medium if she really tried
Grace - She might actually be able to get up to Hard since the tech she's used to is like a thousand times more advanced.
Naminé - Well considering she hacked into DiZ's virtual Twilight Town... I'd say she's pretty good at it, or at least she can figure out how. So between hard and 99.9% unhackable.
Aerith - Probably easy to medium. She got the computer in Radiant Garden to accept the MCP eradication disc, so she has some talent with tech lol But she doesn't like hacking people.
Larsa - Uh... medium? I don't see him being particularly good at it.
Suki - She can't read the language. So probably easy for her right now.
Teapot Mrs. Potts - And she has no hands so using the journal is a voice only thing and only if someone opens it for her. I don't see her doing any hacking or privatizing, or at least not much.
Lightning - probably easy to medium for now. She won't do much hacking, though.

» Are you okay being hacked?:
Yuna - Should be okay. If not, I'll have an "ask first" at the bottom.
Grace - Should be fine if they're skilled enough.
Naminé - ask first please. They'd have to be a good hacker to start with.
Aerith - Yep
Larsa - Yep
Suki - Yep
Teapot Mrs. Potts - lol filters? Yes
Lightning - yep

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?:
Naminé is an ask first, mostly because she's been trying to keep under the radar lately and she's sensitive anyway so. yeah. But the others are fair game.

keep in mind, though, Suki and Lightning's written languages are NOT the common language, so if they use text, no one will be able to read it.
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I don't think Zidane would be able to hack. Besides, he's not nearly that nosy. unless it's Dagger

Um...I don't even think that he would have 'private' posts, but if he does, ask me first if you want to hack. ^^; Not like it'd be...hard, or anything.

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>> Hacking Skillz:
-Cid: Can probably hack up to medium, although he doesn't really bother. Privates to medium/high.
-Fran: Doesn't care to hack, privates to medium.
-Gabranth: Can hack to medium (and might occasionally manage hard), privates to hard
-Reno: Is a damned good hacker (blame ShinRa). Can hack hard and has been known to hack things when he's bored. Doesn't private things much these days, but when he does, he privates to hard.
-Saïx: Org. locks. Decent hacker, but not one of the Org's best
-Setzer: Can't hack, privates to easy
-Squall: Privates to hard. Can hack to easy, but generally doesn't.
-Zexion: You cannot escape him. Privating is done with OXIII locks.

>>Are you okay being hacked?:
Yes for every except Saïx and Zexion, since I'd prefer it if no one figured out what they're up to.

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» Hacking Skillz:
-Rishfee: Exceptional. Can likely hack up to medium - Only because he isn't familiar with paixao's journals. With time this will likely improve.

-Prishe No, no, no no and no. She hasn't worked out how to use journals yet. :'<

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-Rishfee: Yes, though by someone with medium / high skill please.

-Prishe: Go for it!

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: Nope.
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» Hacking Skillz:
Laharl - Given he's been here so long now, I'm going with his hacker abilities have raised to he might be able to hack something that is Easy, if he's not feeling lazy. But only because of that since he is an avid video gamer... yet, according to a Prinny in Etna-mode, he can't program a VCR. Uh. His locking abilities are up to medium max, again, due to long-time usage.
Rozalin - No hacking abilities, and only Easy locking abilities.
Culotte - Can't hack (nor would) and only Easy locking.
Shantotto - Isn't so familiar with technology, but it's Shantotto. Hacking Easy to eventually Medium. Locking Medium to Hard.
Sokka - ZIP hacking and doesn't even know how to private yet. Will learn easy locking eventually.
Luke fon Fabre - Zip hacking abilities again, and can private to easy. Although, can in a way private to difficult, if he uses the journal pen and writes in cheagle quality fonic. |Db
Maleficent - Generally avoids the journals, but doesn't hack and locks to Easy to Medium, I'd say. Not very technical.
And lastly...

The Doctor - Is in a class all his own. He can hack and lock to impossibly hard. However, he makes no habit at ALL of hacking and usually hasn't bothered locking hard (except against the Master :| ), but if he wanted to, he could probably add additional encrypting that would puzzle even the Org members. lol I'll definitely note if he ever does something like that and poke muns if he goes to poke in their business.

» Are you okay being hacked?:

I'm cool with it! Easy characters you can go nuts with. Harder ones, give me heads up first, if you can? Especially if it's something SRS. XD

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?:

The Doctor... siiiiince... it's the Doctor. XD This one is a must for talking to me beforehand if your character is looking to try.
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I'd see no reason why Quina would hack into a post or put a post private (unless someone told him/her to for a specific reason).

As for Dahlia, she'll definitely put up private posts (eventually) but can't hack (although she probably would if someone taught her).

As for both characters, ask me first if you want to be nosy.

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» Hacking Skillz:
-NiGHTS: Private's set to easy, and s/he can't hack.
-Knuckles: Private to easy, can't hack.
-Yorda: Private to easy, cannot hack. I think there's a pattern here. :P

» Are you okay being hacked?:
-NiGHTS: Yes, unless for some reason s/he decides to ramble on in a private entry about being from Nightmare (I doubt s/he'll do it, but still).
-Yorda: yes.
-Knuckles: yes.

» Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?: Nope!

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Jecht: PRIVATE → Easy - Moderate. HACK? → Easy, if he cares enough. :x Zanarkand was pretty technologically advanced, y'know!

Terra: PRIVATE → Easy - Moderate, depending on how much effort she puts in. Usually I put up a percentage if that helps! HACK? → No hacking skills. :(

Cloud (VII) PRIVATE → Moderate - Hard, depending on if it was in haste or not. Again, usually a percentage up there... HACK? → Easy to Moderate, but he probably won't put these skills to use often, unless he feels someone he cares about is in danger. He very much respects the privacy of others...

Axel PRIVATE → Unhackable usually, unless he makes a slip-up. If he does, I'll make a note of it in the entry. HACK? → Moderate to Difficult. I think that since Paixao is responsible for the journals, once Axel was handed his, he probably played around with it constantly until he found out how it worked in order to use it to his full advantage!

Guy PRIVATE → Moderate - Difficult. Guy loves him some fon machines! HACK? → Moderate - Difficult. He's still getting the hang of these little things, but he'll probably figure it out by tinkering around. :)

Yeah! I'm usually cool with it! :) PLUS IT MAKES MY MUSES AWKWARD. YAY!

EX-NAY ON THE ACK-HAY (aka no hack-a me plz)
Axel is sorta, um, off limits, unless, as I mentioned before, he blows it on his coding.

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fml i am too lazy to fix this coding... :(

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Update for this one!

Hacking skills:
-Celes has some familiarity with Magitek armor and technology, but she's no rocket scientist. She will probably be able to lock up to Easy at first, and would probably eventually get proficient enough at it to move up to Medium. She has no hacking skills.

Are you okay with being hacked?
-I'm still fine with hacking. Some conversation might be "please keep out" material. This shouldn't be too often, though, and I'll mark stuff that should probably be kept out of.

Are there characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?
-I'm going to go with unless it says otherwise, I'm all good! o7

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Hacking Skills:
Privacy level - Medium. chaos is from a time in his own universe where technology is so commonplace and advanced that it's pretty much a given that he knows enough to lock to medium level. Given time, this will most likely increase to Hard, possibly even Insanely Hard.
Hacking level - Hard. He, personally, is about as proficient at hacking as he is with locking, but he has a Connection Gear (insanely powerful computer, I'd put it almost on par with Gallifreyan tech) complete with an Artificial Intelligence that's plugged into his journal. Said AI is currently digging through the journals for useful information and assembling a keyword-based database which might eventually be made public (in which case, you'll have to ask me specific questions to get info from it cause I am NOT writing that thing out. XD) Aside from specific locks - OXIII, maybe the Doctor or Urd - assume chaos' AI can get into it. Course, that will change if someone steals his CG... (Then there's the fact that he honestly doesn't -need- to hack tech, he can just hack people's brains...)

Okay with being hacked?
Depends on the entry. At the moment, chaos is not actively locking his posts, largely because he has no reason to do so. When that changes, I'll make a note of it.

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Jake cannot hack at all. He doesn't know that much about computers. Not that he'd give the care or time to get into something like that.

The chances his stuff getting hacked I'd say would be 50/50, but I think you'd better ask me beforehand.

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{ Journal skills }

Tsume :: Doesn't care enough to use it often whenever he gets one, but anything he posts wouldn't even be privated. Likewise, he can't hack to save his life. He'd only post up places to meet or when searching for something, so it's nothing really worth hacking in the first place.

Mufasa :: He'd use his journal on occasion, and, with time, might be able to make an entry private, but, like Tsume, he'd just talk with the person face-to-face. Easily hacked, and he couldn't do any hacking whatsoever. Even if he could, he respects other's privacy.

Luxord :: Uses his journal quite frequently, it seems. He's intuitive enough to figure out how to lock/privatize entries. Up to par with other Organization members, entries usually being un-hackable unless he feels like mindfucking people(will note hackable entries and how difficult it is if they're not entirely open to the public already). He's not the most technologically advanced, but he can hack up to medium and maybe a hard. Depends on how hard he really wants to try.

Zim :: Tries to use his journal at least once a week to archive events, so he'll post frequently in it. He comes from a highly advanced empire, likewise, the point in time he was taken from Earth seems to be far more advanced than what we're used to, today, and even that seemed simple to him. After a few hours of tweaking with it, he'd have the whole program integrated into either his base, his PAK, or both. He'd be easily capable of setting the security settings quite high and hack into other journals after getting permission from the player. Likewise, text would be in his native Irken alphabet, though he's shown to be able to read English with ease.

{ Hacking? }

Tsume// .... xD Nothing TO hack.

Mufasa// Again..nothing usually worth hacking, but go for it.

Luxord// With entries that say '{Hackable :: Insert level of difficulty }', then be my guest and listen in/comment if you can. Otherwise, only if your character has the skill to sneak into an Organization member's journal may they listen in. Even then, please ask if your character wants to be able to see entries.

Zim// Same with Luxord. This little alien's journal will be a biatch to hack into, and even harder to read. Assume any text entries are written in the Irken language, so if you manage to get in, you'll need a codex at the very least, but after individual letters are deciphered, it'd just be a jumble of random letters. As for voice/video entries, if they're hackable, it'll be listed. If it's not listed as hackable, but any character with 1337 haxx0r skillz wants to get into his journal, just ask.
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Hacking Skills:

Liet can lock up to hard but only hack through easy--you pick up stuff as a nation but he's nothing really amazing.

Are You Okay Being Hacked?
Go for it.

[identity profile] 2011-07-21 04:18 am (UTC)(link)
Did I add Naesala to this? I don't remember.

Well, Nae is totally new to computer stuff, and, given enough time he stays in Paixao he could learn how to hack I think. He takes a bit of interest in using his. Can be about medium to be hacked into.

Hei doesn't hack. That's not something he does or take interest in. (Besides if he ever wanted something hacked, all he had to do was ask Mao--the contractor cat who could hack with his thoughts. And the brain-breaking contractor kitty was pretty darn good at it!)

Hei is all too cautious, almost bordering around paranoid about keeping things to himself. Secrets stay inside of him, not anywhere said or typed up for any curious onlookers to see. So, yeah, good luck with that. XD Even if he did share a secret with someone he'd prefer to do so in person.

[identity profile] 2011-07-21 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Oh I'd might as well add Nana too, derp...

Well, until Nana learns more and more on how to use a journal, she doesn't know the first thing about hacking. She might not even want to do it.

Can she be hacked? Oh yeah, easy. And I don't mind if someone hacks her, unless I have to say that I'd prefer some certain posts not to be hacked.
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>> Hacking Skillz:
Roy Mustang: HAHAHAHA! This kind of stuff is very new to Roy, so the only thing he can do is make messages private, and even then, anyone with some sort of knowledge on hacking would be able to break that. He won't have any ability to hack into other journals unless someone teaches him.

>> Are you ok with being hacked?:
As long as the character has the ability to do so, yup!

>> Are there any characters that you would prefer not to be hacked?:
Nope. Go all out guys!
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[personal profile] magicissrsbznz 2012-09-16 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
Chrono can hack up to Medium with little to no effort, possibly up to Hard if he somehow taps S2U into the network. As for locking, he can go up to Hard, with encryption patterns that are based partly on tech and partly on magic.

I don't mind him being hacked up to medium level, but if I specify Hard, please get in touch with me first.