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Have an issue that needs resolving? A concern? Or even a suggestion? We (sadly) aren't mind readers. We can't fix what we don't know about, so if you have something you want to let the Mod Team know about, please send us an email (paixaorpg (at) or leave a message here and if there is a problem we will look into it asap.

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Question! If there are new characters with active and open threads, and you're about to introduce a new character that is at the same gate as another, do you still start a new thread? I wasn't sure, and it might help activity (but would also obviously require ooc plotting) to have things happening in one intro thread.

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I'm going to unscreen this since it doesn't seem like something that needs to be hidden. :)

Open threads are made to be open to anyone, so if it's at your gate you certainly could bring your character into that thead :D Sometimes muns even do their own intro as a solo post of their own but complete it right away then hop into another post at same gate. It's up to you, but you totally could go jump into that thread, and a mun with the open thread would probably welcome the company! :D
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Yep! Just as long as the two threads aren't going on at the same time. For example, character A could have a at the station at 4:00 on one day, but he or she cannot have that character also be at Cafe Ersestat at that same time on the same day.