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In an instant, they all started arriving. From different worlds, from different times, individuals from every place imaginable arrived with more questions than answers--questions that lead to more questions.

The domed city: PAIXAO.

It was a land with neither plants nor animals, merely faux representations made of stone, glass, fabric, and other materials, and yet food and drink were mysteriously plentiful. Its people were all blond and blue-eyed, one-dimensional in personality, and apparently lacking the desire to question the workings of their existence.

The only other creatures that inhabited the world were strange, white, blue-eyed creatures: Lumens. It's easy to compare them to Heartless, or rather, their opposite: creatures born from a heart completely overtaken by light. They came in all shapes and sizes, sometimes even resembling the wildlife Paixao otherwise lacks. How they got there, why they are there, or who put them there is still beyond anyone's knowing.

And then there was Organization XIII. Their existence began as just a rumor across the journal system, but quickly spread into common knowledge. These were the lords of the city, and they kidnapped and experimented on outsiders for some unknown agenda.

Following them came the current residents of City Hall, who built an impenetrable wall of thorns around the building, claiming the city for their own. While they seem to have sinister motives, they carry as much love for the Organization as most of the "visitors" to the city.

And then... there was an answer.

An anonymous message started it all: "Welcome to Castle Oblivion... At the top of this castle, you will find all of your answers and a way home. Can you make it?"

Whispers of a castle whose rooms were formed by the memories of others... Rumors of dissension in the ranks of the Organization... A way to finally go home.

The climb begins.


Paixao is a Kingdom Hearts and multi-fandom Dreamwidth based RPG. The game takes place before Chain of Memories, and is, in a sense, a re-write of it.

Knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is not necessary unless you are, of course, playing a character from that series. We allow any character from any video game, anime, manga, comic, movie, book, whatever, as long as there is some canon present on said character, and if it is obscure, you can provide proof. One can also apply for one of a pair of doubles of particular characters: specifically, those that have been features in Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy games, such as Leon or Squall, Aerith or Aeris, etc. You cannot do this with any other series, however.

Paixao is primarily a plot-driven game focusing on third-person interaction. However, character journals are also used for further interaction, and we even have an option for characters to have an IC AIM name to be used in Paixao's own instant messaging system!


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