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{Playing the Game}

The game is a bit of a hybrid between a community and journal based game. Mainly the game focuses on third person on the main community ([community profile] paixaorpg). First person takes place in the message board ([community profile] paixaomb) and within the AIM conversations, as well as the journals and their comments.

Communities and Journals that make up Paixao:

    [community profile] paixaorpg - the main community, where all of the third-person roleplay takes place.
    [community profile] paixaomb - the IC message board that characters can post to looking for their friends, giving ic announcements, etc.
    [community profile] paixaoooc - where announcements, discussion, or questions that aren't IC are posted.
    [community profile] paixaocrack - an IC/OOC community where all the fun happens!
    [community profile] paixaoxiii - Organization-member exclusive super-secret place!
    [personal profile] paixaonpcs - a journal for the non-playable characters, such as citizens, lumens, etc.
    [personal profile] paixaomods - the moderator journal, of course.

The format of your first person entries and posts are entirely up to your character and you, but we ask, for the sake of organization, you follow one for all third person entries on [community profile] paixaorpg.

Begin all log posts with the following:

The title of the post goes in the subject line, and can be anything you want (as long as it's relative, poetic or not).

[Active/Completed] specifies if the log is still running or not.

Character(s) tells who is interacting in the log; it should state whether it is closed to specific ones or is open to all, and should be updated accordingly with who is in the log. "Content" is simply a summary of the main idea of the log.

Setting is obviously where it takes place.

Time is when it takes place.

Warnings can be nothing at all or are used as a heads up in case there is questionable content within the log, such as sex or death.

The Cut is used to hide the first post so it does not take up too much room on people's friends lists, and the "first line of post" is just as it says. Your post is the main content of the entry, and the Cut is then closed.

Tags should include the FULL name of any characters in the log, the location (no nicknames!), and the status of the log (no tag for active, but when you're done label it "completed"), and of course go in the "tag" field. This is so someone can find all posts involving a specific character... and takes less time than adding everything in memories.

Whether you are participating in a log with two people or a large group, All Third Person Logss will be done by replying the main post (the link "Post a new comment" found at the very bottom) for each reply. This keeps logs easy to read, won't get "squished" and they will never collapse!

Here is an example.

The exception to this is multi-threaded posts aka "Party Logs". Those are done in separate chains in one post. Such posts are special and will be clearly marked with instructions to do so.

To keep track of logs we recommend you make use of the tracking feature! You can simply click the pin icon at the top of the comment posting page and subscribe to it; that way, every time someone replies you'll get an email!

Sometimes, your log may require an NPC, or a non-playable character. That kind of contradicts itself... but it just means it's not an extremely prominent character that it needs its own journal (an extra, if you will - such as lumens or citizens of Paixao), or it is too powerful of a character to be entirely out of the game master’s hands (like DiZ). Either way, NPCs are really important to Paixao, they help move the story along, and make the game a lot more interactive and fun.

If you need an NPC in your log and don't feel you can play them yourself, contact a moderator for more information! There are several who are willing and able to NPC for logs. There are a good deal of NPC's available to be played.

When you finish a log, put in the tag "completed". If a log has mature content, be sure to tag it with "mature" and friends lock it!

You are allowed to be in as many logs as you feel you can handle. Backlogging is also strongly encouraged! However, please still keep continuity in mind! ICly your character can still only be in one place at one time. Try to plan ahead and know what you plan to accomplish in a log before you go to throw them in another. Use your good judgment.

Sometimes logs do stall; it is an unfortunate reality we all face. The best thing we recommend if the log can't possibly be finished is to speak to those involved and come to a decision about what would of happened and move on to something new.

The electronic journals are handled much more loosely. They can have any subject or none at all, as well as a mood. If it is true to the character, they can type with bad spelling, grammar, or in complete gibberish—or not have a journal at all. You can also post as a voice post, or add photographs taken with the camera in the journal! (Just keep in mind: there is NO video function!)

Personal content really belongs in a character's own journal, but if they have an announcement or something that deserves the attention of everyone, the Message Board may be used.

You are allowed to be in as many first person threads/AIM conversations as you wish as long as it doesn't contradict any third-person logs you may be in at the time.

Characters can have AIM conversations within their electronic journals. They can have their own screen name (please make sure it is relevant), and can use the service as often as they'd like. The same rules apply to this as the electronic journals; you've got a lot of artistic license with their font and typing skills and the like. Keep in mind, this is optional. You may post logs of AIM conversations, too-- so long as the log is tagged with "aim conversation".

Out of character discussion occurs, of course, in [community profile] paixaoooc (here, you can ask questions, announce that you're going on vacation, etc.) You can also always make use of PMs to contact the Moderators or anyone else you need to make contact with.

Glossary of Terms

Logs - Posts on the main paixaorpg community.

Journal posts - First person posts made on personal journals or the messageboard, paixaomb.

Party Log - A log that uses multiple threads, suggesting each thread happens at a different happening or time within the same location.

A thread - a group of comments that are "threaded", which usually occurs in first person, but occasionally also used in a "party style" log.

A tag - a comment to a post either in third or first person (not to be confused with actual DreamWidth tags, which is a DW function that allows you to find posts easier in a journal or community.)


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{[community profile] paixaocrack} {[community profile] paixaoxiii} {[personal profile] paixaomods}