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{The City of Paixao}

Not just the name of the game, Paixao is also the name of the world in which the game will mostly take place. If you're curious, the word "Paixao" is pronounced "pie-zow" and is taken from the Portuguese word for "passion," paixäo, which is actually pronounced "pie-show". Depending on where you go in the city, you can find even locals pronouncing it differently. There's also been instances of it being said "pikes-ow" and "pie-shao", with some other variants. Generally, the city itself looks as if it is something pulled directly out of a children's fairytale. It can be the stuff of dreams as well as nightmares; it simply depends on one's perspective.



A large city that seems to span far beyond the horizon--or it would, if it weren't for the various turns, twists, and pillars that composed the paths of the cobblestone streets of the city under domes, it appears to be composed of endless rolling hills, up and down, of street, dappled with buildings, big and small, from shacks to mansions. It is almost like a labyrinth of Victorian beauty. Many buildings are also "in the walls" that line the city, lining the structures that make the streets. The only wildness, really, is beyond the domes—which most will never get the opportunity to see. However, there are small areas with courtyards, yet not even in these areas are the domes open. There are many, many domes, large and small, high ceilings and low--they compose the support for the larger domes in the vast scale of the city, as defined by the map below.

As far as in the inside goes, a majority of the establishments look old or even ancient, but depending on which area one visits, their upkeep varies greatly. There is much beautiful archaic architecture to be seen. There seems to be no truly modern transportation of any sort present, neither cars nor carriages filling the cobblestone streets, besides the trains, which travel to each end of the city daily. There are, however, bicycle-like vehicles and rickshaws available for purchase or rent.

The people of Paixao are a peculiar sort; it is rare to find extremely elderly inhabitants, and although it is abundant with "youth" (people aged nothing to about forty), they retain a distinct rustic and old-way air about them. They dress in timeless clothes, those one might see from the Victorian age, with a modern slight spin, making it slightly difficult to pin them into one category alone. The poor dress in rags, and the rich dress in elaborate, beautiful, and very uncomfortable costume. Their personalities are usually stereotypical and one-dimensional, like they are actors and actresses in a play—they each know their one purpose, and stick to it. Any deviation is considered strange. Physically, all of them are very pale and blond and blue eyed. Many of the citizens in the lower and middle seem to be artisans—bakers, inn owners, teachers, and even the occasional gypsy, while the richer folk are nobles with no countries or real titles, simply existing to play the role. You may NPC a citizen of Paixao if you wish, just contact one of the moderators if you're interested!

There are no living plants in Paixao. Peculiarly enough, where patches of grass do exist, is it fake, made from various materials such as plastic, cloth, or glass; sometimes it is woven with gold and diamonds to make it shine beautifully. The plants are just as wonderful to look at although distinctly unrealistic; their petals can be made of the same materials and are often ornately decorated. From the tallest tree to the tiniest rose, all are of this nature.

No animals exist in the world either—besides Lumens—however there are hundreds upon hundreds of statues and paintings of them, especially those of the mythological sort: griffons, unicorns, dragons, winged lions, and various other beasts.

Though the people do feed off of real plants and animals, no one questions their source; obviously there is none to be found, and yet restaurants and stores are shipped their supplies weekly. When questioned of this, they do not answer for the most part and seem to be extremely disturbed by prying questions.

The entirety of the city is covered by domes. There is land beyond their limits, but citizens very rarely, if ever, venture outside. Any talk of it seems to spook them. The ceilings of the domes are painted beautifully, like the works of artists of yore. Angels, demons, and various other creatures of myth scour the skies, watching over the citizens, as well as stylized clouds. The sun and moon are very large and seem to illuminate an eerie glow whenever out and slowly, their images move across the "sky". The stars also blink, and on occasion, shooting ones can be seen. The ceilings change according to the "weather" and the "time of day"—all of which is simulated and controlled. That does not give the city any grace, however, for they can sometimes have extremely violent storms and experience all four seasons, just as in most other worlds. Because it is all enclosed in a small area, the storms can sometimes also be deadly.

Beyond the domes, although no one knows it, is the only area where real plants, animals, and weather exist. For many miles, surrounding the city's limits, there seems to be nothing but ancient ruins (such as those of Rome or Greece), but even further there are lush grasslands, and even a beach and ocean...




Characters will enter the game and the city via one of the four gates—Muspelheim, Joutenheim, Niflheim, or Vanaheim. They will not know how or why they got there, but they will be standing just outside the dome's limits.

Usually, there is a line of people outside waiting to enter—something that may or may not entice them to do the same. There's a small booth that offers information brochures about the city (that tells about its hotels and restaurants and the like), and they are asked for their name before stepping inside. Whether they decide to give a fake name, or none at all, does not hinder their ability to enter. Immediately upon entrance, they will be offered a free electronic journal—if they don't accept it then, they can, of course, buy one later on.

Each gate is somewhat symbolic and decorated accordingly to their name; Muspelheim's gates are composed of gold flames; Joutenheim's are made up of imagery of two great giants with their clubs crossed at the top; Niflheim is composed of silver ice, and Vanaheim's, between two large, fruitful (fake) trees.




Note: 1 block = 0.5 sq. miles.

New map re-created by [ profile] nalina. The Old Paxiao Map can be seen here!


You're free to elaborate on the establishments as you see fit; everything, beyond their simple descriptions, is mostly free game, however do check past threads (tags exist for each place) so you can stay consistent with what's been done before. You are also welcome to make up your own locations, just get in touch with the mods about what you'd like to do and where you want your place, so we can add it to the map.

Actua Are Hotels – A chain of hotels; their prices vary depending on which district they are located in, as does their appearance. [F3, J7, N8]

Aiches Memorial Hospital – A small hospital with a friendly and warm staff. They are known for their unconventional use of "natural remedies" rather than actual medicine. [H4]

Auntie Unde's – Yes, I'm serious about the name. A general store in the poorer district, privately owned by a "little" lady who's a bit crazy. [H7]

Cafe Ersesat – A series of cafes all around Paixao, they are one of the most successful companies of the city; everyone loves their food and coffee, but their prices are outrageous. [F6, H8, L7, N3, H4]

Carta Para Ti – A somewhat large building overrun by gypsies that was apparently something else long ago; it's possible to get your fortune read here; they also specialize in numerology, astrology—and wild parties. Naja Salaheem also operates the Salaheem Sentinels from within. [E6]

Carta Para Ti Orphanage – A place for the lost children of Paixao, it also ran by the gypsies. [E6]

Ceu de Mouraria – An opera house, where local plays, concerts, and other special events take place; it’s a very beautiful glass dome within a dome. Currently it seems very, very crispy and the natives seem to be avoiding it. [L8]

Cid's Shop - A shop owned by Cid Highwind. [J7]

City Hall - Previously where the Mayor's operations occurred. Now there is a great wall of thorns blocking it off, and Maleficent has taken it over. Entry is impossible. [I6]

Clan Centurio Headquarters - Originally formed by the moogle Montblanc, then taken over by Zidane Tribal. Now it seems to be abandoned. [I8]

Elysian Fields – No citizen has ever ventured to this very special place; far beyond the city limits, it's apparently a field of Lumen-like wildlife—the grass is white and gives an eerie blue glow at nighttime. It's always raining small orbs of light, almost like snow... It's disturbingly quiet, but there's always a gentle breeze. [A-H, 5-13]

Ersesat Manor – The manor owned by the surprisingly young man who runs the various Cafe Ersesats around the city. Sometimes he is generous enough to allow travelers to dine and sleep there, but for a price. [L4]

Folios Weaponry – A weapon shop, with a few odds and ends. Get swords and guns cleaned here; there's also potions and ammo for sale. And, for some peculiar reason, plushies. [J5]

Haja o Que Houver – A family owned hotel; the people here seem a bit overly friendly and the restaurant within is always booming with activity and live music. [F4]

Havasu Medical Center – A walk-in clinic. [M7]

Iriela Apartments – A rather large series of apartment complexes owned by gypsies of all things, lower priced and quite shabby; an easy place to move into for those who don’t have much to their name. [E6]

Iriela Apartments II – Pretty much exactly like its original, except it's a little more well-kept. [J3]

Jogo da Crianca - A park, playground, and general recreation centre, there’s also a pool and a few open fields for sports. Festivals are usually held here, as well. [G6]

Jountenheim’s Cheap Eats - It is a dark and dimly-lit atmosphere with cheap and rather tasty food. It is a small restaurant which is a little northeast of Joutenheim and just below one of the railway routes. Directly south of Ceu de Mouraria.

Lady of Lords Soup Kitchen – A place to go in the poor district for those who can't afford to get food or a place to stay on their own. It's been more busy as of late, obviously, with the influx of foreigners. [F5]

Matinal's – A grocery store. [N8]

Matteus Academy – Teaches grades kindergarten through college level, also with a daycare. For the most part, only the higher-end citizens can afford attend here. [J4]

Matteus Museum of Art – A museum of art near the school, students usually wander here in their free time to admire the ancient art. Unfortunately, the history and meaning in all of the masterpieces placed here is unknown even to the people of Paixao. [K4]

Morem o Lisboa – This is one of the few hotels on the high-class district's side. It's very, very pricey. [M4]

O Pastor – A very rundown hotel in the lower class district. [G8]

Os Dias Sao a Noite – A quiet but large library. Somewhat out of place. [K4]

Paixao Central Station - At the very heart of the city there is the main train station. Its tracks all lead to the four corners of the city, where there are smaller stops for it. The trains (totaling in four; two on each set of two tracks) themselves are very archaic and timely; not to mention loud.

Every hour it makes a stop at each station; their route is as follows: starting from Central to Northeast, to Southwest, back to Central. Central to Southeast to Northwest, and back. An entire round trip takes four hours.


Paixao Central Station: J6;
From Vanaheim: E5, I5;
From; Niflheim: H9, I8, I6;
From Joutenheim: N8, M7, K7;
From Muspelheim: M3, M5, L6.

Palazzo Townhomes – Like Vocea, a very expensive place to live, but a little bit less outrageous. [N5]

Paradisio Hospital – A very, very advanced and professional, as well as beautiful and cleanly hospital. [M3]

Porfavore's – A family owned restaurant, with lots of great, home cooked meals. And a delicious bakery to boot. [I5]

Promenade Terrace – An average-sized neighborhood of average houses. [H9]

Reaper's Ramen - A food shop formerly owned by Kariya and Uzuki. It's owners are now gone, but the place still remains fairly intact. [G9 (not far from N. Gate)]

St. Destino – An abandoned church in the far reaches of the Elysian Fields... The only way to get there is to get out of Paixao, but first you have to get past the guards!

Recently, a mysterious door has been opened within, leading to the lush environment that many know as 'Destiny Islands.'[B13]

St. Destino Hospital – A very large, but very run-down hospital, not the cleanest of places, and a little bit creepy; it's full of abandoned hallways and rooms, and at the very top is a small church with a skylight. Part of it has been repurposed into a lab/living space where the mad scientist, Mao resides. [I8]

The Cheap Prayer – A run down, shack-like tavern next to a water tower with flames painted on it. There's a lot of rather strange art on the walls on the inside, from abstract to pseudo-Renaissance, and a second outside bar in the front. It's very dark inside all the time, lit only by the candles on the tables, and more often than not there's a solo act of some sort going on, on the stage at the very back for entertainment. The food is excellent. [F5]

The Glass Bonsai – A strange little pawn shop with many odds and ends and rare treasures. [G5]

The Wild Ginger – An exclusive nightclub, and very expensive, but very beautiful. Has an Asiatic influenced design. [L5]

WildKat Coffee - Formerly run by Sanae Hanekoma, located on a corner of H5. Has since been taken over by some industrious citizens.

Villas Salonas – A neighborhood of apartments and small houses for rent. [O8]

Vocea Condominiums – Some very pricey places to live; the neighborhood is beautiful, but it's difficult to keep a place so expensive up. [N3]

Yuuko's Shop - A small Victorian style house turned into a shop for Yuuko. Magical barriers are around it... [H6]


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